Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baziotes on the art process

When I read this quote I thought "how true"!

"Each canvas has its own way of evolving...each beginning suggests something - the suggestion then becomes a phantom that must be caught and made real." (William Baziotes, 1912-1963).

Exploring the face

Charcoal and acrylic
14" h x 10" w
Hello there!

Exploring face and figure

These measure about 30"h x 20"w and are done on paper with charcoal and acrylic. Each one comes into being without a preconceived idea about how they will look. I start with an oval and some marks then the evolution begins. I try to retain a certain moment or feeling that happens along the way. The real exciting part is watching how they change during the tiny mark can alter the whole feeling or attitude.